Quantum Bioresonance Master Practitioner Training 3 Month Program

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Become a master Quantum Bioresonance Practitioner in this 12 week long Teacher Training Program, where we deep dive into the technical skills, philosophy, and science of bioresonance therapy and frequency healing. This training is designed to teach you how to use and practice with the specific revolutionary Quantum Bioresonance device that I use, which helped me to heal from a rare nervous system cancer in a very short amount of time (after traditional Western Medicine did not work).

With this cutting edge technology, I Quantum Leaped into my dream reality, regenerated my body from the inside-out, and completely healed my mind, body, and spirit on all levels...and you can experience this Quantum Leap too! This course is designed to help you Quantum Leap into being a Master Bioresonance practitioner, and attracting all the clients that are meant for you.

During this Bioresonance Master Teacher Training Program, we will have 12 weekly Live Zoom Calls, where we will dive deep into learning the Quantum Bioresonance System and how to practice your skills with full knowledge, wisdom, and integrity. You will have weekly assignments to practice at home throughout the week to uplevel your techniques, build your practice, and create your dream life through Bioresonance. 

Here is the exact Weekly Plan for the 3 Month Quantum Master TT Program:

Week 1:

What is Quantum? What are Quantum Bioresonance frequencies and how do they work? Introduction to our unique revolutionary quantum healing device that blows other systems out of the water with its capability to convert affirmations and words into frequencies! You can literally create any frequency that you can imagine.

What does it mean to be a bioreosnance practitioner? What is Wellness? How energy manifests in the physical, so all health issues are rooted in energetic imbalances. Everything is about harmony and balance (not eradicating the “bad” thing with sterilization or antibiotics). Reprogramming from western medicine perspective. Education about the microbiome of our gut and the Earth, and how they are related. Frequency Treatment focused on becoming the Creator of your reality.

Week 2:

How to perform a basic scan and analysis, including all 3 categories of mind, body, and biofield (energy field). Includes 28 Wellness Testing Panels:


Brain Anatomy, Bach Flower Essences, Brain EEG, Neurotransmitters, Emotions


Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins, Spinal Energy, Neurotransmitters, Chemical Sensitivities, Electrical Sensitivities, Today's Stress, Digestion, Infection Energetic, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Hormones, Glands, Organs, Sensitivities/Allergies, Essential Oils, Body Systems


Aura, Spiritual Protection, Chakras, Meridians, Sacred Geometry, Solfeggio Tones, Nogiers (for connective tissue, regenerating gut lining, and brain hemisphere synchronization)

What are chakras? What is your unique Chakra Numerology Life Path Number? Frequency Treatment focused on chakra balancing and activating energy flow.

Ending with a demonstration of how to do a Quick Balance treatment.

Week 3:

Deep dive into helping your clients detox on a physical level, and making recommendations and detox protocols based on their scan results.

Based on my bioresonance work over the last 4 years, I have found liver toxicity and parasites to be the root cause of almost ALL imbalances, so I’ve developed a specific protocol for cleansing the liver and gallbladder as well as parasites, which I share with you. You also have the option of going through the cleanse during this program.

What is the function of the liver and gallbladder? What are gallstones? How might gallstones and liver toxicity be contributing to negative symptoms such as insomnia, pain, fatigue, aging, digestive issues, and autoimmune issues? Intro to the liver cleanse and preparation to complete the cleanse during week 3. Discussion about eliminating toxins from environment. Frequency treatment focused on detoxing and cleansing liver and gallbladder, clearing parasites. Lifetime access to my Liquid Light Liver Cleanse virtual course.

Week 4:

What is the aura and energy field? How to read the aura scan (in general, the colors are associated with chakras).

How to create a personalized treatment in the Main Hold Tray. How to analyze present moment top priorities in the Main Hold Tray.

What is the nervous system? How are we electrical beings emanating electromagnetic waves? How can I regulate my nervous system? How can I set stronger boundaries and say NO when necessary? Frequency treatment focused on nervous system regulation and aura strengthening.

Week 5:

What are brain waves and neurotransmitters, and how do they play a role in overall health? How can brain waves be balanced? Breathwork techniques for balancing and calming the brain. Frequency treatment focused on balancing the mind and harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain.


How to look deeper at Entangled Insights level, and what do all of these frequencies and percentages mean? How to do a Quick Zap for specific issues using the top frequencies from Entangled Insights.

Week 6:

How can we tune into our emotions and allow ourselves to feel them more without judgement? Embodiment practices for tuning into our bodies, sensations, and emotions. How to create protocols to balance emotions and all cofactors, especially using Bach Flower Essence frequencies.

Week 7:

Discussion about spiritual and auric protection. How can we protect ourselves energetically, cut cords, and release attachments? Frequency treatment focused on spiritual protection, cutting cords, and aura strengthening. Learn how to make protocols for spiritual protection and learn more about sacred geometry and Solfeggio Tones frequencies.

Week 8

Learn how to make your own frequency libraries! Turn any affirmation or word into a frequency.

Deep dive into Ancestral  lineage clearing (one of the special libraries I made) …many imbalances and health issues are rooted in ancestral lineage themes…stories that have been repeated along your family lines. We can tune into those and clear them with the frequencies! The negative patterns end here, with you! Option to complete second liver cleanse.

Week 9:

What are DNA activations and upgrades? What are the Gene Keys? Learn your personal profile and individual spheres which are your keys to activate your highest potential timeline. Frequency treatment focused on DNA activations.

Week 10:

Deep dive into your personal Gene Keys Genius Activation Sequence, which comprises your unique gifts and how you can implement them to be fulfilled and aligned with your purpose. Frequency treatment focused on abundance. Discussion about how to brand your business based on your personal Gene Keys.

Week 11:

Deep dive into your personal Gene Keys Venus sequence…all about relationships, love, and emotions. Explore how your relationships are all mirrors…what is the state of all of your relations? Frequencies for love and divine union, calling in your soul mate. How to expand your network to grow your business and experience joy and fulfillment in your life.

Week 12:

Deep dive into your personal Gene Keys Pearl sequence…how to create aligned prosperity through your highest service to humanity. Option to complete third liver cleanse. Discussion about how to promote your business as a Bioreosnance Therapy practitioner, and how to get clients. What to charge, and integrity within your practice.

What's not Included?

The bioresonance system itself is not included...the Basic Package is $997 and I can help you get set up and put you in contact with the owner of the company.

When are the live calls?

If one-on-one, we will agree on the best mutual time for our weekly Zoom calls.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds and cancellations once the program has started.