Quantum Bioresonance Therapy with Biofeedback

What is Quantum Biofeedback Therapy?

With Quantum Bioresonance, we go deep into the transformational work of transmutation and inner alchemy ~ illuminating old patterns, traumas, and ways of being which are no longer serving, and clearing any blockages on all levels of mind/body/spirit in order to achieve the highest expression of our divine essence. We are electric beings swimming in an infinite ocean of electromagnetic waves...it’s time to update, balance, and align our systems!

Quantum Biofeedback is a way of healing with frequencies which are sent directly into your quantum field (either as electromagnetic waves or sound), and has been shown over many cases to be extremely effective in treating patients for a variety of dis-ease, including autoimmune imbalances, infections, depression, addiction, pain, nerve damage, and even cancer.

 Quantum biofeedback gives you the ability to direct frequency in a way that you desire in order to shape the life of your dreams. This revolutionary technology allows you to tap into innate intelligence in order to be more successful, healthy, and harmonious on all levels of mind-body-energy. Biofeedback is a tool which allows you to focus your energy and tap into universal consciousness.

What is Biofeedback? Intention + Frequency = Healing...

In addition to the bioresonance healing frequencies, this extremely advanced and unique technology incorporates biofeedback as a way of reprogramming and rewiring the brain to a specific vibrational frequency by converting a written word, affirmation, or mantra into a frequency and encoding it into the entire treatment, thereby rewiring your brain to the vibration of that affirmation. During each treatment we choose the best affirmation for your journey, such as “I am  completely healthy, happy, free, and aligned with my highest Truth.”

Everything is energy, and can therefore be shifted with energy/vibrations: Illness Is An Energetic Disturbance

The quantum biofeedback approach views all illnesses as simply an energetic disturbance. Every cell has a unique energetic pattern. Different cell types all have different energy patterns and transmissions as do healthy and dysfunctional cells. Each organ, each energy Meridian, each chakra, each emotion possesses a characteristic pattern. A distinctive Electro-magnetic wave. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions disturb these energy patterns. Healing takes place through energetic intervention; Electro-magnetic wave forms stimulate the body's own healing mechanism.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Wave Patterns

When the body is provided with true healthy energy patterns, pathogenic and disease patterns are canceled reducing their disruptive effects and facilitating the body’s natural healing process.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Principles

One of the key objectives the Quantum Bioresonance tackles is the need to de-energize unhealthy patterns utilizing positive input to cancel the negative dysfunctional imprints. Using a similar principal to the technology of noise cancellation headphones, the quantum bioresonance can nullify unhealthy patterns by introducing the inverted wave forms. This gives us the ability to deprogram the reaction to an "allergen"; thus, the reaction to an “allergen” can be deprogrammed, can reinforce the body’s own defenses while often minimizing an allergic reaction.

What Is Your Wellness Signature?

In Nature, homeostasis, simply put, means the body is in perfect balance and harmony. In Energy Medicine, we call that your Wellness Signature, or, what’s normal and right for you.

A Question of Balance and Self-Regulation

Since our bodies are always fighting to maintain a state of homeostasis, you will always seek to maintain this perfect state of balance of homeostasis. As an example, when we develop a fever, the body will try to self-regulate and maintain that state of homeostasis. Because of this natural homeostasis, some people forget an illness existed after the imbalance is corrected.

The good news is that the body is always fighting for us!


How does a quantum biofeedback session work?

The bioresonance device analyzes your unique Voice Imprint to determine energetic stressors (blockages) & weaknesses in your bio-field, then selects from thousands of personalized Energetic Signatures (frequencies) ranging from herbs, viruses, bacterias, emotions, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, chakras, acupuncture points & meridians, and essential oils designed to help get your body back into a natural state of balance & harmony.

What does the health scan include? 

Each session includes a comprehensive scan and in-depth evaluation of each of the following, as well as a harmonizing treatment of the most significant items:


*Brain anatomy


*Brain waves


*Bach Flower Essences


*Spinal Energy








*Body Systems


*Amino Acids

*Electrical sensitivities

Energy field

*Sacred geometry

*Solfleggio tones




*Spiritual Protection (e.g. Clearing entities, releasing attachments, surround and protecting the aura)

Special Frequency Libraries:

*Gene Key DNA Activations

*PTSD and Trauma Release

*Brain Health and Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

*Microbiome and Gut Healing

* Liver/Gallbladder Flush

*Insomnia Assessment and Treatment

*Targeted Parasite Scan and Cleanse

*Violet Flame and Transmutation

*Abundance and Manifesting

*Miracles and Transformation

*Divine God/Goddess Mantras

What does the treatment include?

The Vibrational Medicine Treatment with frequencies sent directly into your quantum field through a revolutionary bioresonance device (and also as sound frequencies), includes a personalized selection of electromagnetic frequencies sent directly into your quantum field, as well as audio frequencies. Here is a sample treatment protocol:

*Your personal affirmation or mantra encoded into the entire treatment (such as, “I am healthy, happy, free, and aligned with my highest divine Truth”).

Flower Essence Bliss & Calm to boost mood and raise vibration:

Bach Flower Essence treatment with your customized top flower essences as well as associated emotions to quickly shift energy/mood into positive high, bright, and effervescent frequencies. The Bach flower essences are among the most powerful and important remedies, acting as a powerful salve for human emotional suffering. It is, after all, emotional suffering that causes most of the physical ailments we are aware of today.

Flower essence frequencies are amazing tools to resolve emotional wounds. Illness or some divergence from complete wellness is always tied in with an emotional component. It is the physical manifestation of the issue or issues we are working through on this “Earth School” called life.

Immune Boost:

Treating today’s personal top physical stressors, which may include infection, emotions, PH levels, brain health, lymphatic, adrenal, cardiovascular, or heavy metals. 

* Balancing Emotions

* Balancing Brain Waves and Neurotransmitters

* Balancing Chakras

Complete Quantum Harmony:

Customized Treatment on the most significant items to balance and harmonize your personal energetic field, including frequencies from all of the categories mentioned above in the comprehensive scan, such as brain waves, neurotransmitters, emotions, digestion, cleansing, chakras, meridians, and spiritual protection. 

*Closing 5 minute treatment with divine source mantra and/or custom Gene key DNA activation. 

At the end of our session you receive a comprehensive health report and analysis, aura scan, and recommendations for maintaining the most harmonious and balanced state of health through customized nutrition and daily practices such as meditations, breathwork, herbs, Solfleggio tones, and Biohacking tools.

Where are the sessions held?

Our healing session can be held in person in Thailand where the frequencies are sent as electromagnetic waves through balancing magnets on your wrists, or we can meet through a virtual healing session on Zoom/Skype where the frequencies are sent as sound waves as well as directly into your quantum field - treating your energetic field with powerful frequencies. On a quantum level, time and space do not exist, so the treatment is equally powerful when done remotely.

This is the most comprehensive, integrative, and powerful tool I’ve ever witnessed, and I’d be happy to share it with you 🤩✨🙏🏻. 

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