Winged Heart Logo Mission

The Eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony.
We pray for healing blessings on the waters.
We pray for healing blessings on the sea.
We pray for healing blessings on the rivers.
That they may shine in crystal purity
and flow in perfect harmony.”

This Japanese mantra “The Grand Invocation” is shared by Masaru Emoto to stand for World Peace. The purifying effects are so powerful that it was used to successfully cleanse a polluted lake near Fukushima.

The pure vibration of this healing mantra assists to purify our cellular structure, as we are, of course, made of mostly water. In the same way, the mission of Soul Alchemy is to purify the energetic vibrations of our bodies, and thereby the collective consciousness as a whole, through the revolutionary frequency healing technique of quantum bioresonance therapy and other alternative medicine tools including ozone therapy, water therapy, sound healing, Reiki, and chakra balancing.

Can you imagine a world where YOU are the master of your energy, the creator of your reality, and the programmer of your existence?

That reality is here, now. WE are the ones who are here to save us. We are the starseeds incarnated at this time to bring in the New Earth . The power is in frequencies and vibrations. We have the power to raise the collective vibration and consciousness on Earth by healing our traumas, aligning to our higher selves, and standing in our divine Truths 💪🏻🌎.

Soul Alchemy’s mission is provide a unique, powerful, sustainable, and innovative complete health experience for those ready to take a leap into a world of expansive and total health, which is a harmonious state of homeostasis and balance which we all have the potential to achieve. The goal is to create an out-of-this world healing experience into a heightened state of awareness, consciousness, and well-being through an alchemy of advanced techniques including sound, electro-magnetic waves, infrared light therapy, bioresonance frequencies, and physical detox and regeneration.

“Earth energy is very tangible. It is all about building things, creating foundations, using the resources of the Earth, and focusing on material possessions.

Under this Earth energy, we have achieved a lot, but the time has come for a shift back into balance. We need to move away from material possessions, from robbing the Earth of its resources, and away from creating the tangible to creating the intangible.

And that is where the air energy of Aquarius comes into play. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, high-tech, and all about creating things that work through waves, signals, and beams. Rather than wanting to create something tangible, Aquarius energy is all about the digital world.

Aquarius energy can also bring advancements to the medical space by encouraging alternative healing practices like sound healing, laser technology, and even more digitized healthcare services.”

~ Tanaaz, Forever Conscious

The Age of Aquarius has arrived...it’s time for revolutionary advancements in technology, medicine, and lifestyle...a perfect time for quantum healing and vibrational medicine like Quantum Bioresonance Therapy!

The ultimate vision is of a sustainable world based on abundance, collaboration, love, free energy, freedom,  equality, and care for each other and our environment. Soul Alchemy’s role in this is helping each individual to reach a complete state of health and wellness so each part of the whole can fulfill their highest purpose and destiny...with a future of regeneration and complete health for both our inner and outer ecosystems, as each is a reflection of the other.

5 percent of all profits go to The Water Project, a charity providing access to clean water in Africa.