Liquid Light Liver Alchemy Cleanse (7 Day Online Program)

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and weighed down by digestive issues? Do you want to give your liver and gallbladder a much-needed reset? Then look no further than the liver-gallbladder flush from Soul Alchemy.

This powerful protocol is designed to support your body's natural detoxification processes by flushing out toxins and debris from your liver and gallbladder. The result? Increased energy, improved digestion, and a brighter complexion.

I am Nik Heartsong, the creator of this 7 day Liver Cleanse, an ancient alchemical process which I have completed myself over 11 times in the last 3 years to successfully heal liver and gallbladder cancer. I have had the honor of sharing this unique protocol with hundreds of people to help them heal from various imbalances, including insomnia, depression, digestive issues, nervous system dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, and even tumors. I'm proud to say that we've released thousands of gallstones collectively...and many more to come! If I can prevent even one more gallbladder removal surgery from being performed in this world, then I am fulfilled.

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Most participants release hundreds of stones in one cleanse! Here are some of the epic results...I hope that knowing what's possible motivates and inspires you:

Here's how it works: You'll start by preparing your body with a special diet for 6 days leading up to the flush. Then, on the day of the flush, you'll drink a mixture of olive oil and citrus juice followed by a series of steps designed to stimulate the liver and gallbladder.

Although it may seem intimidating, countless individuals have tried and loved this protocol. One elevated client shared,

"I Highly recommend this liver cleanse protocol with Nik!!! It's hard to put into words the huge emotional & physical release I felt after doing the cleanse 2x now with Nik's loving guidance & the biofrequencies 💖💜💗✨🙏🙌 ...I am seriously grateful that you are offering this treatment as it's been super elevating for me!!!”

~ Heidi!

Most participants release hundreds of gallstones during the flush. These stones are formed from bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Gallstones can cause a range of health issues, including abdominal pain, bloating, and digestive problems. By flushing them out of your system, you can improve your overall health and wellness.

But the benefits of liver cleansing don't stop there. A healthy liver is essential for proper digestion, hormone balance, and immune function. When your liver is burdened with toxins, it can't perform these vital functions as effectively. A liver-gallbladder flush can give your liver the support it needs to function optimally and help you feel your best.

So if you're ready to take your health into your own hands and try something new, give the liver-gallbladder flush from Soul Alchemy a try. Your body will thank you for it.

I am very grateful to be out of the long dark tunnel of my healing journey after healing myself from an extreme and rare nervous system cancer using this exact process of liver cleanses combined with quantum bioresonance frequencies! After offering bioresonance therapy for over 4 years to clients now, I have discovered that liver toxicity (combined with parasites) is always the root cause of my clients' imbalances and health disturbances (even cancer)...which is what led me to design this program and offer it to you!

In this course I bring together my background in neuroscience (BA from UCSD) with my love of nature and holistic health to create a complete solution to clear your mind, body, and energy field of all blockages which may be getting in the way of you reaching your highest super-human potential.

I grew up on my family farm near Yosemite National Park, California surrounded by ancient oak trees, flowing river water, crystal caves, fragrant fruit orchards, farm animals, and abundant wildlife ranging from mountain lions to rattle snakes. When I got sick working in finance in San Francisco (the opposite of my soul's calling!), my healing journey led me to Quantum Biofeedback Therapy, which heals with pure frequencies and re-wires the brain by converting affirmations into energetic waves and tones which are encoded into harmonizing frequencies. I healed myself completely with this quantum (energetic) healing. Everything is made up of vibrations, and we ARE pure energetic beings of light!

I am so excited to offer these healing frequencies with you, along with the liver cleanse which clears the physical manifestations (gallstones) of the energetic imbalances. I’m sending you lots of courage, strength, patience, and love on your journey to a lighter, happier, and more free version of you!

Don't worry, I got you!!



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What’s Included in the Program?

During this 7 day cleanse, you will be guided and supported through a physical liver cleanse to release toxins and gallstones, clear your mental/emotional body with daily affirmations converted into sound tones (light codes) for repatterning the brain, and activate your energetic body with targeted bioresonance Rife frequencies.

  • Step-by-step guidance on the Liver Cleanse, an ancient alchemical process to clear gallstones (calcified toxins representing repressed anger and/or trauma) from you liver and gallbladder. This involves 5 days of preparation, 1 day of fasting and the actual flush, and 1 day of releasing and recovery (7 days total).
  • Daily bioresonance frequencies for self-healing, detox, and listen to these frequencies at home for about 5 minutes every day during the cleanse. These include Rife healing frequencies for liver cleansing, detox, clearing gallstones and parasites, and regeneration.
  • Daily affirmations for motivation and inspiration converted into vibrational tones for brain repatterning.
  • Daily journal questions for contemplation related to the emotional side of the cleanse (the liver is associated with the emotion of anger).
  • Messaging support via Whatsapp from the course creator, Nik Heartsong, during your Cleanse, and lifetime access to a Facebook group of the Winged Heart Community for ongoing health guidance and support.
  • NOT included: The ingredients for the cleanse.

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What is the price of the cleanse program?

The price of the 7 day Liquid Light Liver Cleanse is $97 (a full value of $333). Right now for a limited time there is a special offer of $25 off for the Summer Solstice with code IAMLIGHT

What are people saying about Soul Alchemy’s Liver Flush? Here are some testimonials...

“I had the privilege of participating in a liver/gallbladder cleanse lead by Nic and it was a truly inspirational and transformational process. She helped me and the group release blocked anger as well as give our bodies the love and support it needed in a very natural way. I loved that she helped us work on multifaceted aspects of our lives and was very loving and supportive. I highly recommend her services to anyone open to holistic healing and ready to take care of their being - mind, body, and soul!”

~ Karine S.

“I’m so happy I joined the virtual liver cleanse! After these 6 days, I feel so much cleaner and clearer in mind and body (I was dealing with bouts of anger, and the cleanse + bioresonance helped me move and release this energy). Nic holds beautiful space and made me feel safe, comfortable, and fully supported. I felt this from the other participants as well. Whenever I had questions (which was a lot of the time), she was always so reliable and thoughtful in her responses. She is knowledgeable, wise, and committed to the work of helping others heal. I feel grateful to have learned and been guided by her. Thanks so much Nic 🙏🏻!”

~ Tiffany W.

“I have been fortunate to receive 4 Quantum biofeedback sessions from Nic over the past few weeks. I've found the whole treatment experience to be restorative and balancing at the level of the body, mind and emotions. The depth of the analysis astounded me, providing me with a complete picture of my overall health and wellbeing in granular detail. Nic gave me specific treatments for my needs after each session and I was also able to self administer using the App between sessions. The analysis and treatment plan is only half the story, the care, compassion and support from Nic during the process allowed me to explore my personal situation as part of the therapeutic process. Nic guided me through the results and I felt safe and held as I explored how to move my life and wellbeing forward in a positive way. I could best describe it as a complete health checkup, treatment plan and coaching session all rolled into one. If you feel drawn to the work explore it with an open mind and allow Nic and the biofeedback to work their magic!”

~ David B.

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