“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Tesla

What frequency are you calling in? 

What vibration are you sharing?

What future can you envision? 

Tap into your unlimited potential to create the reality of your dreams using this revolutionary Quantum Frequency technology!

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About Your Therapist Nik

"Dear Light Beings,

My life changed forever when I died in San Francisco in 2016. In this moment I experienced the God frequency - a magnificent, radiating, infinite rainbow white light emanating eternally...encompassing everything and nothing all at once...a quantum energy vibrating with the frequency of unconditional love...melting away all illusion until there was an absolute, eternal void. This experience brought me on my path of healing and discovering the nature of reality as energy, vibrations, and frequencies...after a long journey of self-discovery and multi-dimensional experiences, I finally healed myself from a rare cancer and integrated all the pieces of myself to transform into the Whole Being of Light that I Am today ~ Amma-Ra Nik Heartsong, Mother Sun. I am here to share my heart song with you, and to help you tune into yours..."

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What people are saying about Soul Alchemy...

Winged Heart Healing Testimonial David Health Coach

David. B.

“I've found the whole treatment experience to be restorative and balancing at the level of the body, mind and emotions. The depth of the analysis astounded me, providing me with a complete picture of my overall health and wellbeing in granular detail. I could best describe it as a complete health checkup, treatment plan and coaching session all rolled into one. If you feel drawn to the work explore it with an open mind and allow Nik and the biofeedback to work their magic!”

Winged Heart Healing Testimonial Carla Grounded Light

Carla A.

“The grounded light that Nic shares is so precious. Her passionate heart drives your wings to take leaps of faith. I honor her work and highly recommend anything and everything she has to offer 💙❤️💚💜” 

Winged Heart Healing Testimonial Tabea Saved My Life


“I have tried many methods on a long quest for healing and even though I was a little bit skeptical, Bioresonance and Nic’s very attentive and accurate guidance is actually really powerful and shifted a lot in me. It is very fascinating all the things you can address with this program! Saved my life!”

Winged Heart Healing Testimonial Kelly Turgeon Calm and Relaxing

Kelly N.T.

“As soon as I began using the healing frequencies Nic shared with me, I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me in both a physical and emotional sense. I was able to relax for the first time since the accident. It was truly incredible! I felt the frequencies working on a deep level, helping me to restore a level of balance. I then scheduled a session with Nic to learn more - she holds a beautiful space and offers a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I highly recommend trying a treatment with this amazing soul!” 


“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.”

~ Rumi

Soul Alchemy’s mission is provide a unique, powerful, sustainable, and innovative complete health experience for those ready to take a leap into a world of expansive and total health - a harmonious state of homeostasis and balance which we all have the potential to achieve.

The goal is to create an out-of-this world healing experience into a heightened state of awareness, consciousness, abundance, and well-being through an alchemy of advanced techniques including sound, electro-magnetic waves, infrared light therapy, bioresonance frequencies, and physical detox and regeneration.

Nicole Heartsong is our Visionary Founder with 15+ years of experience in the health tech space, specializing in neuroscience, bioresonance, and quantum healing. She will take you on a journey into the quantum world, through the multiverse, and ultimately home into your heart space, where the entire universe dwells.

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